UW Education Now More Accessible, Affordable for Wyoming Students

24 Mar 2020

The cost of higher education has risen in recent years, leaving many prospective students wondering if college is right for them. The University of Wyoming has implemented new financial pledges to alleviate the stress of that decision.

UW’s mission is to provide Wyoming citizens with an education that is both affordable and accessible, and new financial aid packages help fulfill that promise. The Cowboy Commitment, approved in fall 2019 by the UW Board of Trustees, is a financial pledge that includes both merit- and need-based funding to offset education costs for in-state students and families. It will be given to incoming first-year students from Wyoming starting college in fall 2020.

It includes commitments of $6,500, $3,500, $1,500 and $500 for high school graduates in the state, based upon their academic performance. There also is a $4,000 award for transfer students from Wyoming community colleges who have 75 or fewer academic credits and a grade-point average of at least 3.0.

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