Upton Organizations

Upton is served by many different nonprofit organizations and government entities in the community. Composed primarily of volunteers, these organizations provide amenities that help Upton flourish. The Upton Economic Development Board aims to promote economic growth and development in the area. The Upton Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency services to the town and surrounding areas. Additionally, there are religious groups and recreational organizations, such as the Upton Golf Association and Upton Gun Club that serve an important part of the community and contribute to the town's character and identity.

Upton Organizations

Upton History & Heritage Photo

Upton History & Heritage

Weston County Museum District Photo

Weston County Museum District

Upton Senior Center Photo

Upton Senior Center

Upton Golf Association Photo

Upton Golf Association

Upton Gun Club Photo

Upton Gun Club

Weston County Childrens Center Photo

Weston County Childrens Center

Upton K-8 PTO Photo

Upton K-8 PTO

Upton Bobcat Boosters Photo

Upton Bobcat Boosters

Inyan Kara Riders Photo

Inyan Kara Riders

Town of Upton Photo

Town of Upton

Upton Police Department Photo

Upton Police Department

Lighthouse Assembly of God Photo

Lighthouse Assembly of God

United Methodist Church Photo

United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church Photo

First Baptist Church

Thunder Basin Community Church Photo

Thunder Basin Community Church