Town of Upton

Welcome to town! If you are a newcomer, you may need to stop at City Hall on the corner of Pine and Highway 16 to arrange for utilities and gather local information.  Staffed by City Clerk/Treasurer, Kelley Millar and Assistant Clerk, June Shell; the office is open Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm.  The city shop is located on the west end of town. 

The Town of Upton is governed by an elected Mayor and four Council members. Meetings are held at city hall at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  The Upton Police Department is comprised of three officers including the Chief of Police.  The city also funds the local ambulance and fire department north on Highway 116.  In case of an emergency, they may be reached by dialing 911.  Municipal court is in session on the last Monday of each month.   Our Community Center has been remodeled and provides areas for sports, clubs, receptions and celebrations located on Highway 116 north of town.

The City Park is located north of town on Highway 116.  This beautiful park boasts tall ponderosa pines reaching almost as high as "Old Glory".  Kids love the playground while their parents pitching horse shoes at the competition pits, taking a lap around the the walking trail and relaxing with friends and families at one of the many picnic areas.


PO Box 230
725 Second Street
Upton, WY 82730

City Hall:
PO Box 203
725 2nd Street
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2441
(307) 468-2209 Fax
M-F 8am to 5pm

Kelley Millar, Clerk/Treasurer
June Shell, Assistant Clerk

Travis Beck

Council Members:

Justin Norman

Dennis Stirmel

Nathan Todd

David Watt


City Superintendent:
Mark Lindstrom

Upton Police Department:
Susan Bridge, Chief of Police
PO Box 203
520 Pine Street
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2475

Officer David Larson
Officer Kevin Allen

Upton Volunteer Fire Department:
John Strong, Chief
PO Box 915 Ash Street (N Hwy 116)
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2825

Upton City Shop:
Mark Lindstrom, Superintendent
PO Box 203
1004 Sawmill Avenue
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2727

Landfill Hours:
Wednesday & Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Rates apply
The landfill is open based on weather conditions at times. Please call City Hall at 468-2441 for more information.

Upton City Park:
PO Box 203
1020 Pearl Street
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2441

Upton Senior Center:
PO Box 251
1113 2nd Street
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-9262
Inquire for rental rates & activities

Cedar Pines Golf Course:
PO Box 302
N Hwy 116
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2847
Inquire for rates & fees

Schiller Baseball Complex:
PO Box 203
401 2nd Street
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2441

Upton Municpal Airport:
PO Box 203
42 Buffalo Creek Rd
Upton WY  82730
(307) 468-2441