Upton, Wyoming - Best Town on Earth

Small-Town Life - Big Ideas

Upton is founded on volunteerism, and those values are still present today. Upton's quality of life is strong through volunteerism, as volunteers shape virtually every aspect of the community. Volunteers serve on local boards, are involved in economic development, host events, as well as operate numerous amenities, such as EMS, senior services and local government. Volunteerism runs through our veins, and provides a foundation for future opportunities everybody in Upton can enjoy. 

Innovation and  Future Goal-Orientated

Our community is dedicated to creating a future Upton that invites future growth and prosperity. Through local initiatives, such as the Think Upton First Campaign, the greater Upton area is actively working to develop strategies to cater to changing demands. Additionally, Upton is the perfect place for businesses and families to locate. The Upton Logistics Center, home of Tiger Transfer, LLC, will be the location of a rare earth elements demonstration plant, with hopes of a full-scale processing plant in the future. With BNSF's double-mainline rail system running through the Upton Logistics Center, Upton is well-positioned for growth.