Take Survey! Wyoming Business Council - Rural Development Outreach

12 Mar 2020

The Business Council’s purpose is to create new opportunities for current and future generations of Wyomingites. To do this, we need to meet the economic development needs of all communities.  90% of Wyoming communities are rural, less than 10,000 people.  These communities are important to the WBC so one of our initiatives in the new Strategy Refresh is to create a clear and flexible path for Rural communities to develop their economies.  We are taking the information from our public meetings last fall and doing a deeper dive into how we can meet the needs of our rural communities.

We are looking into what current programs and services work and what could be changed to make them easier for rural communities to take advantage of.  We want to know what the gaps are.  We are taking the first quarter of the year to find out from our customers and partners what is needed before we roll up our sleeves and start designing a program to meet the needs of rural communities.

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