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Upton Chamber of Commerce Housing List


For Rent: 903 3rd Avenue, Upton • 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house • 307-660-6038

For Rent: Mobile Home Lot 307-299-7345


For Sale: 5 to 7 acre lots in the Pine Ridge Estates Subdivision.  Call 307-290-0135.

For Sale: 16’ x 80’ mobile home. Fairly large shop on three lots. 307-746-5633 or 307-746-5766.

For Sale: 13 lots – 100’ x 150’, taps paid and installed. $32,000.00 each. 307-468-2716 or 307-660-6325.

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In Upton, the plains of Wyoming and the beautiful Black Hills meet- right here!  The real beauty of northeast Wyoming and the Black Hills are the people, places and activities you find between world renowned attractions such as Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park.